Monday, January 3

Cascade Brewing to Host Portland's first annual Scottish Ale Festival

PORTLAND, ORE. - Jan. 3, 2010 - Nine regional craft breweries will serve up their best Scottish and Scotch ales at Portland's first annual Scottish Ale Festival.  The event will take place on Saturday, January 29 from 3 to 11 pm on the production side of the Cascade Brewing Barrel House at 939 SE Belmont St. 

The beer lineup includes Black Raven Brewing's Splinters Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Scotch Ale, Cascade Brewing's McShagger Scotch Ale, Coalition Brewing's Brigadoonery Scottish Ale, Fearless Brewing's Strong Scotch Ale, Lucky Lab's Scottish Holiday, Migration Brewing's Old Silenus, Rock Bottom Brewery's Highland Courage, Schooner EXACT Brewing's Hoppy the Woodsman, and Upright Brewing's House.  
The event will feature traditional Scottish music by Cascade Brewmaster Ron Gansberg's band, Stone Porridge, plus a few bagpipers thrown in the mix.   The Cascade Brewing Barrel House will serve its regular menu, as well as a few Scottish specialties.  There is no cover charge for the event.

Both Scottish and Scotch ales traditionally go through a long boil in the kettle for a caramelization of the wort. This produces a color ranging from deep amber to dark copper, and a higher level of unfermentable sugars that creates a rich mouthfeel and malty flavors and aromas. In Scottish ales, overall hop character is low, light floral or herbal, allowing the signature malt profile to be the highlight.  Scotch ales are sweeter and fuller-bodied, with a much more pronounced malty caramel and roasted malt flavor.

About Cascade Brewing Barrel House

The Cascade Brewing Barrel House is the barrel and blending house and tasting room for Cascade Brewing's award winning Northwest style sour ales.  The Barrel House is open Sunday through Tuesday 11 am to 10 pm, Wednesday & Thursday 11 am to 11 pm, and Friday & Saturday 11 am to Midnight.  Minors are allowed daily to 10 pm.  For more information, call 503-265-8603 or visit For daily updates, follow the Cascade Barrel House on Facebook and Twitter.

Sounds like a blast...  would love to see Ron jam out! Scotch Ales are a style I am very much wanting to try more of and get into. Cheers!


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