Saturday, December 4

Upright Brewing-Meet the Brewer

Date: Monday, December 13, 2010
Time: 6p to 8p

Where: By The Bottle, 104 W. Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98660, 360-696-0012
Upright Brewing brews up some mean brews using primarily French saison yeast w/ open fermentation. The Four is on the top of the list of my favorites from Upright. The bottles artwork is very well done by local beer blogger and enthusiast Samurai Artist a.k.a. Ezra.

"Alex Ganum is the owner and head brewer at Upright. He grew up drinking his father’s German pilseners and his older brother’s Bells Porter before moving to Portland in 2002. After meeting several homebrewers he decided to give it a go and never looked back. Seven years later his love of brewing led him to open Upright, a brewery he thinks is as much part of the community as it is personal. When he doesn’t have beer on his mind Alex is probably thinking about what’s next in the kitchen or on his plate and what digestif to wash it down with."

Updated** The brewer to show will be Gerritt

"Gerritt Ill has been brewing for five years. He fell in love with beer drinking a Sierra Nevada Pale ale at a friend’s house in his home state of New Jersey. After moving to Oregon to be closer to the craft brewing culture of the northwest, he began brewing at home. Gerritt’s been with Upright since the beginning, first as an intern and now as a full time employee. He enjoys Upright’s pale, low alcohol beers as well as anything from the Schlenkerla Brewery in Germany. Upright sets its watch to Gerritt’s flawless internal clock, though we generally ignore his belief that Ween should be the only music allowed in the brewery. "
 Be sure to check out the event!


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