Friday, December 24

Two new releases from Bridgeport Brewing! 6-packs too!

I couldn't tell you how many 6-packs of their IPA I used to empty back in my early twenties..  certainly one of the more influential craft breweries in my lifetime living in Portland.

I can't say I have been a big fan of most of their "Big Bottle" brews. The Scottish Ale was great I thought, and I also really love their fresh hop Harvest Ale. I would have to say, with everything of theirs on the shelves right now..  I much prefer the fresh hop over all others (yes, I can still go buy it in a few places). Well, maybe not...  I really love the Blue Heron Pale Ale which I feel is very underrated. I think my favorite Pale around. I am not very impressed with the Hop Czar Imperial IPA. I get a very tin-like or metallic flavor in it. I also get a hint of that flavor in the regular IPA as well. Perhaps just my palate has changed, or their beers and hops have changed. Perhaps it's a result of expanded growth since I last used to drink their IPA on a consistent and regular basis.

Cafe Negro, a coffee infused Porter. Perfect. I have been on a Porter kick lately, and this is perfect timing. I like the sound and looks of this, because it will be in 6-packs. I bet the price will be much the same ($6.99-$7.99 per 6-pk) as all their others. From it's stated strength, and it's famously balanced brewer, I bet this will be one tasty and smooth hit.

Kingpin Double Red Ale, a (laughably) Triple-Hopped Double or Imperial Red Ale. It's laughable because as most of you know, Miller has been using the term to try and spark a more intense interest in their product. Perhaps they will never figure out that marketing alone doesn't sell beer.

I am a huge fan of Double Reds. One of my most favored styles. Many don't hold up to the likes of Coronado Brewing Red Devil, or Laurelwood Brewing Deranger, but they are usually solid. I was let down with Ninkasi Believer Double Red. It's malty, and smooth..  a bit hoppy.. but overall bland and weak. And to me not a double. Bridgeport just barely inched its way into double territory with this release. I hope it doesn't scream of metallic grassy burnt hops like Hop Czar and their IPA does currently for me. If it does, that will just kill it for me. If it is very different, which I think it will with the use of Liberty hops etc..  I think this will be a new go-to beer for me. I love a good red. I just wish I could buy a Laurelwood 6-pack of Free Range Red Ale at Freddies for the same price.

I look forward to seeing how Bridgeport plans on remaining competitive in this upcoming new year. With Widmer releasing their Pitch Black IPA year-round, and continuing their Bros. Reserve Series (which I think have been better than Bridgeports Big Bottle Series), it will be interesting to see!

On a side note, I really do dig the artwork of their labels. A great classic touch and feel to them. 


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