Monday, December 6

Stone Brewing Co. Lukcy Basartd Ale

It's not too often that I post reviews on this blog (at least yet anyway). But when a beer strikes me as being especially good...  I will do just that.

Let's start with my review at Beer Advocate:

"Grabbed a couple of these and some Double Bastards this year..

50% Reg., 50% Dbl.. oaked.. dry-hopped... 8.5% alc.. can't go wrong!

- Poors a mean brown bastard. Off white light creamy head... a finger and a half down to big bubbly spotting, and a bubbly funky ring.. clear copper dark mahogany...

- Big aroma citrus hops.. zesty pine aroma.. sweet light brown sugar, malts, caramel... smooth hops bitter and not. Smells lovely.

- Bit zesty spicy hops... pine, rich woodiness.. grassy herbal citrus oh my... smooth caramel, roasty goodness... this is a huge winner for Stone and myself currently.

- Medium bodied, perfectly carbonated.. drying rightfully so.. but smooth sailing.

- Very drinkable and well made brew. I am amazed by this beer. The heat doesn't sneak up until the very end and is so so dangerously smooth to drink. Even the belch smells of fine fine hops. Get it while you can!

Serving type: bottle

Reviewed on: 12-07-2010 00:42:20"

I will start by saying that I don't have all the vocabulary to elaborate on the specifics in each and every beer I review. My intent is to enable one to read through my review quickly enough to get a good idea on what to expect when they purchase and try the brew. As you can see, I really love this beer. I want it all night long! I gave it a 4.55 which is an A+ at Beer Advocate. It's an A+ with me too. So far I feel this is the best Bastard yet.

I am interested in finding or somehow creating a dual tap, dual keg kegerator. This would certainly be one beer I would have to have on it...  along with Boneyard Beers Armored Fist Imperial CDA.

Get it while you can folks!


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