Wednesday, December 15

Don't Forget that Widmer's Pitch Black IPA is Going Year Around!

When this was released last year as the "W'10" release...  I loved the beer. I will still say today that it is the best beer Widmer has released yet. I said the same thing when their Drifter Pale Ale was released. A very unique pale that stands out among many others, and is actually a pretty heavy hitter as far as its strength goes. Before the drifter, I thought their winter seasonal "Brrr" was the best beer release from them. So to get to the point...  their beers just keep getting better and better!

I am guessing that once their Brrr starts leaving the shelves in January, the new year-around Pitch Black IPA will start hitting the shelves. Seems many in the beer community have forgotten about this news. Not me. It's going to be a regular in just about every fridge that surrounds me. Interesting timing for Full Sails reserve release of their "Bump in the Night" CDA as well...  I am guessing both will be equally as delicious. Cheers!


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