Friday, October 1


Welcome to Brewmance! We just felt there just aren't enough beer blogs on the internet for us craft beer advocates to browse and wander through. My name is Perry, and my buddy Pete will also be a part of this blog.

We will be primarily posting about various random events, beer releases, and new beers and pubs popping up in the Portland/Vancouver Metro area. We are based in Vancouver, WA. We know there isn't a lot going on up here yet...  which is why we will still include some Portland beer news in this blog. 

We are not here to compete with other big-time beer bloggers, and those profiting off of it. This is simply a hobby, and something that probably won't be updated as often as some of the other big hitters like Beervana, Brewpublic, BeerAdvocate, RateBeer, The Full Pint...  and the like.

Please be patient as we continue to update the site and its links. We will work on lists of great pubs, breweries..  and bottle shops.

Thanks for popping in, and cheers to great beers!



  1. Hey Pete & Perry - I'd love to add you to my beer media database. I do PR for Cascade Brewing, Lompoc, plus three local beer fests. If you're interested, send me an email address. Cheers! Chris Crabb,

  2. Thanks for your interest! Just getting this kicked off, and will be updating soon! Email sent!