Wednesday, October 6

My Craft Beer Awakening

I was born and raised in NE Portland at the eastern edge of the Hollywood district. I went to Benson High School, and know that neighborhood like the back of my bottle. I used to just hang out with friends at the park next to the Rose City Golf Course...  Rose City Park.

Perhaps I was just a bit young to be drinking at the time...  and early on in high school , Milwaukee's Best Ice  (The Beast) was my favored brew. I think only because it was slightly stronger, and I could afford a case just by simply cleaning some gutters or pulling up some weeds. I was never one of those guys that had partied at the golf course. ;-)

But even in high school, those simple pee beers became boring. But I was in Portland...  there is a huge selection! I would stop in the Hollywood-West Fred Meyer and see Hair of the Dog..  and this is in the mid 90's just during their start! Also Bridgeport brew seemed to be all over. Yes, I drank a ton of Widmer Hefe...  and would easily get down about 10 of them. I think my flagship beer during those early days was Bridgeports IPA. I couldn't get enough of that stuff. I would get some Deschutes stuff here and there...  but mainly I stuck to Bridgeport.

Now I can't stop trying new craft beers. I only had gone to my first beer festival a little over a year ago. I started reviewing beers at the Beer Advocate  a couple years ago and am up to over 500 already. I have traded for brews as well which is cool. I love being able to at least once, try beers I that can't purchase over here.

I have just started homebrewing as well. Only extract so far, but I want to get comfortable and do a lot of reading before I take on all-grain brewing. It is a lot of fun. I also hope to open a bottle shop and taproom soon too where they are lacking.

There you have it in a nutshell! I am a born hop head who had a taste for beer even long before high school!



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