Saturday, October 9

The Forgotten Fresh Hop Beers via Vancouver

I am a Portland native, and understand the fresh hop craze across Multnomah County...  after all... that is where ALL of the major little (craft),.. (nano), Micro breweries are.. (Don't forget about Full Sail in Hood River, or ALL of the fantastic breweries in WA).

Wasn't it just a few years back that Olympia was a huge name in beer? Isn't it today that Elysian Brewing is a big name in the world of Northwest brew?

Why is it that Vancouver, WA isn't seen as a part of "Beervana"? There are some big perks for consumers up north in Washington state regarding craft beer:

- Port/Lost Abbey Brewing gets distributed up here.

- Local pubs (which can't hang w/ many in PDX) carry such favorites like: "Everybodies Brewing", "Walking Man", "Elysian", and "Pike Brewing"...  among many others...

- Washington is much more business friendly... which means lower taxes on dozens of different things for business start ups...

- Laurelwood in Battle Ground! (1st year Birthday soon!)

Hops in Yakima Valley

I see something big happening. I see bottle shops and places with good eats popping up. 360 Pizzeria & the like with big hitters such as Deschutes Black Butte XXI on tap....   I see a future for Vancouver, WA regarding craft beer. The push is here. Even during poor economic times, markets are still springing up carrying beers from Hopworks and Stone Brewing.....   that is big in my eyes.

Larry is the Brewmaster over at Salmon Creek Pub & Brewery...  and  he released a fresh hop (Wet Hop) beer which is fantastic. Why no word of it from bloggers and media sources local? Amarillo Jack Salmon on Steroids is one hell of a Fresh Wet Hop Beer.

Are those in Portland too consumed by great craft beer? Or are they purposefully avoiding the fact that Washington plays a major role in craft beer today? It's either lack of effort, or snobbery as I see it.


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